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My introduction to the art world was through architecture which I studied at Glasgow School of Art. It was there that I was first given the opportunity to draw the human figure, an experience that overwhelmed me. To view the human figure in a totally different way, to discover its magnificent design is a continuous joy and inspiration that has never left me since that day fifty years ago.

I eventually left architecture but its discipline and beauty have remained with me as is evident in all of my work but especially in my printmaking. I am a designer by profession but a printmaker and draftsman by avocation.

My training was classical under the influence of such men as Jozef Sekalski, Mackintosh-Patrick and Willie Bone, eminent artists and scholars who demanded creative thought and masterful execution in all mediums at all times. It is this heritage that I have continued in my own work and in my teaching.

For almost thirty five years I have devoted most of my working life to art education preparing individuals for fine arts and the design industry, conducting workshops and jurying shows. During this time my personal work focused on printmaking and life drawing. Upon retirement I have immersed myself in illustration, landscape painting as well as life drawing and printmaking. It is a personal journey of discovery.

Ken Cosgrove was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, a city that would have a profound effect on the path he would choose. He loved its magnificent architecture from Northern Gothic through Baronial to Victorian. He even found inspiration in the tenements, picketing to save many of them from the wrecker's ball.

He studied architecture at Glasgow School of Art and Graphic Design at the Dundee Institute of Art and Technology. It was in Glasgow that he first had the opportunity to draw the human figure and was awestruck by this masterpiece of design. Under the influence of such eminent artists as Willie Bone, Mackintosh-Patrick and Jozef Sekalski, Ken became a master printmaker and draftsman.

In 1967 Ken came to Canada, working as a Graphic Designer in Toronto. In 1968, he moved to the Niagara Region and started the Graphic Design and Architecture programs at Niagara College. He earned his Masters Degree in 1973, specializing in curriculum design. He then developed a three year Visual Creative Art and Design program at Niagara College.

Upon moving to the Niagara Region, Ken found inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds the entire area which was a stark contrast to his urban beginnings. He came to love the bountiful fruit lands and vineyards of the Niagara Peninsula which have provided a rich canvas for many of his landscapes. Ken has more recently entered into the area of portraiture in which he not only capture a likeness of his subjects but also a glimmer of his or her personality.

Ken in his studio

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Life drawing and printmaking remain his passion. His mastery of printmaking is evidenced in the "De Profundis" edition of linocuts. The complete edition of five prints were shown at the Albright- Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York as part of the Beyond/In Western New York 2010 biennial.

To share his passion for life drawing, he has developed an intensive workshop called "What Euclid Never Told you" which provides an out of the box experience for all interested in learning to draw and to see in different ways. (Click here for more information on this workshop).

Ken continues to develop new techniques and new approaches to his painting, drawing and printmaking. Whilst seeking the future, he maintains a strong influence with the past allowing its craftsmanship to influence his art.