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In fine arts, printmaking designates all the processes of the creation and production of "multiple originals" by hand, on paper. This includes etching, woodcuts, lithographs, linocuts and more. Each step of the process is done by the artist, and the number of prints "the edition" is limited. Individual prints are signed, titled and numbered by the artist. After the edition is printed, the plate is altered or "cancelled" to ensure the integrity of the limited edition.

The DeProfundis Edition of lino block prints was shown for the first time in its entirety at the Beyond/In Western New York 2010 Biennial. The curators of twelve of Western New York's galleries and museums collaborated to produce this international contemporary art exhibition.

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Out of the Depths
Dimensions: 23.25" x 21.5"
Medium: Lino Cut Print pulled by Artist
Collection: DeProfundis Edition
Out of the Depths